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Dance away the summer

Summer workshops are listed below. Which one fits in your student’s schedule?

Cassandra Richards

Summer Guest Artist: Cassandra Richards

Ages 7-11

June 12 – 23 | 9am – 12pm | $

Ages 11-18

June 12 – 23 | 1pm – 5pm | $

Cassandra Richards is a New York City based dance educator, choreographer, and theater production manger. She will join us for 2 weeks to share with these dancers how dance techniques like Ballet, Modern, and Jazz are used to tell a story.

Creative Dance

Creative dance

Ages 3-5

June 26 – 30 | 10am – 12pm

July 10 – 14 | 10am – 12pm

July 24 – 28 | 10am – 12pm


This workshop helps students build strength and flexibility, develop body awareness and physical confidence, as well as co-operative instructional response while cultivating the child’s joy of movement and active imagination. Students learn fundamental movement skills necessary to express themselves through dance. They run, leap, twist, turn, crawl, bend, stretch, feel, and play in an exciting, safe, stimulating artistic and creative environment.

Preparatory Dance

preparatory dance

ages 5-7

June 26 – 30 | 2pm – 5pm

July 17 – 21 | 9am – 12pm


This workshop highlights our students’ individual needs for creativity and expression and transforms that into the ability to work cooperatively and individually, as members of a dancing team. Each skill, exercise, and activity prepares them for the next step in their class journey to join ballet and jazz, as well as the Dance Mission performing teams through Dance Artistry.

Ballet & Modern

Ballet & Modern

Ages 11 – 18

July 10 – 14 | 1pm – 5pm | $

This week-long workshop will bring the grace and discipline of ballet, and the muscular strength of modern dance together. Dancers will hone their technical skills while gaining historical understanding of a classical ballet and the origins of Horton Technique.

Ballet Pointe

Ballet & Pointe 2.0

Ages 13 – 18

July 15 – 21 | 1pm – 5pm | $

This week-long workshop takes pointe dancers to the next level! Dancers will have the experience of a professional pointe shoe fitting, learn techniques for shoe customization, and create personal foot regiment. Additionally, dancers will learn classical ballet variations throughout the week. *Must have experience en pointe.


Jazz & Hip-Hop

Ages 11 – 18

July 24 – 28 | 1pm – 5pm | $

This week-long workshop pairs Jazz Dance and Hip-Hop together for a fun week of music and movement. Dancers will strengthen their bodies, as well as musicality skills.

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